Promoting the well-being of all clients is important to Sausalito Hair Solutions. As new information and guidelines for best practices in being responsible community members during this crisis are announced, we will adjust as needed to ensure all necessary precautions are taken.


Customers and Employees
• I am the only hairdresser in my salon.
• Create a rule that no one experiencing symptoms either myself or my clients can come to the salon or get a service done.
• Conduct daily temperature checks of to ensure that individuals are not symptomatic.
• Require all customers to wear mandatory facial masks.
• Sanitize phones in the salon and keep them away from clients. Ask clients to keep phones in their bags, if possible.
• Wash hands between clients and change into new gloves for each customer.
• No hugs.
• Allow no guests inside the salon except for the client getting a service.
• No magazines or books in the salon
• Water will be given in unopened water bottles
• As a part of the check-in process, ask clients if they are experiencing symptoms and document their verification.

Salon Cleanliness
• Salon will have a pre-opening cleaning and daily cleanings between clients. There will be a 15 minute break in between clients so that I have the time to clean. Conduct frequent cleaning of common areas throughout the day (bathroom, doorknobs, payment processor, etc.)
• Restrict the bringing in of any coats, if possible.
• Ensure stations are 6 feet apart or use every other station
• No more than one person will be in the salon at a time to get service
• Sanitize the station area between each client.
• Practice tool sanitation. For example, we will use soap and water for a boar bristle brush, then blow-dry it dry. I will have at least two sets of tools and brushes to allow for alternation while they sanitize.
• The salon will use capes, aprons, and towels on each client These will be taken to wash at the end of the day.
• Individuals will wait in their car until I come out and get them after the Salon has been prepared
• Eliminate the reception and waiting area. Clients can wait in cars or outside. Use door/window signage to communicate new check in process with clients
• Restrict the sharing of the salon’s phones. Assign the front desk to their own phone and sanitize at the end of their shift.

• Keep a positive but cautious disposition with customers, communicating with them as much as possible to keep them safe during their appointment.
• There is no staff at my salon
• Use email, Facebook, and Instagram to communicate new procedures to clients in a positive manner: “We love you, but it will be different now.”
• Keep signage on the front door of what customers can expect.
• When sending confirmation texts, customize the message that goes out to clients, so they can know the protocol before arriving at their appointment. This is done through Schedulicity

Booking and Scheduling is done on Schedulicity
• Adjust or add more salon hours to allow for the above.
• Add more time between clients to allow for sanitization, possibly in 15-minute gaps. It will hurt productivity, so the pros and cons of this one need to be thought through, and the physical setup of your salon could determine the need for this or not.
• Don’t allow walk-ins, or ask walk-ins to call the front desk via a sign on the door vs. walking into the actual salon.
• Rethink 6-foot separation in the salon space—use your area smartly and safely.

Retail should focus more on marketing and promotion, aside from the standard sanitation protocol.
• Identify top moving products and stock up.
• There is pent-up demand, have a killer promotion!
• Finally, stock up on all retail products, sanitization supplies, and professional-use items. You are going to have your busiest few weeks in the history of your salon or as close to social distancing guidelines allows. Good luck!